Flourishing communities, Impactful dreams & Fulfilling lives:
Where Public, Private & Personal Interests naturally collide

The Great New City taps into our yearnings for connection and purpose in order to generate tomorrow’s shared social capital for generations to come.

It inspires, nurtures completeness in us. The rhythm of the beautiful pushes us into the profound or even verging into the spiritual.
It brings us as individuals as well as a common body to a higher purpose, based on the shared eclectic myriad of dreams.
Citizenry is giving back to itself. This fosters a sense of belonging and commitment.

The Great New City helps retrofit conviviality and the habits of solidarity so helping to nurture our capacity to bond and to build social capital.
In turn a self-generating process is created leading to a virtuous cycle fostering a participatory culture.

We collectively and as individuals gain a grounded sense of self. Existence realises its right order.
And so our lives gain the possibility to hold meaning, significance, purpose, happiness.

We were inspired by the following thought leaders:

Umair Haque: The New Capitalist Manifesto
Simon Sinek: Start with Why
Jane Jacobs: The death and life of great american cities
Seth Godin: The Icarus Deception
Alain de Botton: The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work
Benjamin R. Barber: If mayors ruled the world
Bruce Kats and Jennifer Bradley: The Metropolitan Revolution
Barry Schwartz: Why We Work
Paul Mason: PostCapitalism
Daniel H. Pink: Drive
Rutger Bregman: Utopia for Realists
Michael Porter: On Competition
Jonathan Holslag: The Power of Paradise
Erich Fromm: Escape from Freedom
Frederic Laloux: Reinventing Organizations
Andrew S. Winston: The Big Pivot
Aldous Huxley: Brave New World
Parag Khanna: Connectography
Aaron Hurst: The Purpose Economy
Adam Grant: Give and Take